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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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marzullo in for kristen sze. >> eric: first a check on the weather forecast. we've been seeing a little warmer inland. >> good morning. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. more cloud cover but we don't have any rain or drizzle that i'm hearing right now. cloudy conditions at the coast. low to mid 50s. by noon, partly cloudy, mid to upper 50s, mostly sun any conditions around 4:00. it will get cloudy by 7:00, mid-50s to lower 60s. few clouds, mid to upper 50s. by noon, mid-70s and then top out with sunshine in the low 70s to low 80s. inland that is where we're going to be baking today. this morning, it's mild with temperatures around 61 degrees. mid-80s by lunch and air-conditioning you may need it today. 4:00, 83 to possibly 93. good morning. if you are traveling from marin
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to vallejo we have an accident report right by mare island. left lane is blocked and rubber necking could cause delays. traffic is getting by and two lanes in each direction. so be aware of that if you are traveling eastbound. elsewhere, mass transit is running on time. servicing on schedule. it's a great way for you to get wherever you are going. no significant problems with anything there. light traffic on the bay bridge. metering lights are off and incline section is moving well into san francisco. a nationwide demonstration in support of chick-fil-a is expected from coast to coast today. live from fairfield it follows controversial comments from the companies ceo. >> reporter: they think it's going to be a busy day at this chick-fil-a in fairfield. the manager says he brought extra employees to handle all the supporters they are expecting.
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today's demonstration is in response to all of the protests that we have seen this past month in front of chick-fil-as across the country. gay rights supporters are upset about what the company's president said, they back the biblical definition of a family. members of the lbgt community call the statement harmful. some mayors are getting into the debate included ed lee. closest chick-fil-a to san francisco is 40 miles and i strongly recommend they don't come any closer. but one is expected to open up in san jose at the end of this month and another one at walnut creek next month. a counter movement is organized for friday, they are organizing kissing in front of chick-fil-as. going forward we want to leave policy debate to the government arena. it doesn't look like that is
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going to be happening this week. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> eric: this morning, san francisco police are searching is for two suspects after a shooting left one person dead and another with life-threatening injuries. it happened after 10:00 last night on san bruno avenue. the two victims were standing in front of a building when two men shot them. the suspects left the scene in a white four-door car. terry mcsweeney will have more for you coming up in a half an hour. >> katie: first look at a cache of weapons they confiscated from a homeless man. police say they found the items in robert johns jeep and none were registered in his name. they received complaints he was harassing people. he is now in custody on weapons
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charges. >> eric: suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi made a surprise appearance at medical marijuana dispensary. both pot clubs got letters from the justice department warning their property could be seized and they could be put on trial if they don't close. mirkarimi stopped by the vapor room to show his support even though he is not a client. >> i think it's a sad day in some ways that so much progress is now being advantage wished a blink of an eye. >> his former district includes the vapor room when he was on the board of supervisors. he wrote regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries in san francisco. eight pot clubs in the city have closed since last fall. >> a senior engineer from pg&e says they new records were
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flawed but chose not to fix the problem prior to the san bruno explosion. they report the engineer testified during a deposition which was filed yesterday in san mateo superior county court on some 350 wrongful death lawsuits. he warned his supervisors that pg&e's computer system for keeping track of the pipeline system was riddled with errors but instead of fixing it, he says his managers said to keep using it. >> eric: members of california school employees association are holding their convention in las vegas this week and urging voters to approve governor jerry brown's call for higher taxes to help education. san francisco chronicle reports governor brown flew to las vegas yesterday to join 1400 school workers and their delegates and push for his tax plan. california convention officials our state economy could have benefited from the estimated $5-10 million spent on the
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convention. union leaders say the meeting was held in vegas because hotels there offered cheaper rates. >> katie: a new report shows that california republican party is up to half a million dollars in the red. that is big reversal from 2009 when according to the party's former chief operating officer the state party had a $250,000 surplus. the shortfall is so severe they plan to close the sacramento office and lay off staff. some staff workers are being asked to continue working as volunteers. today police in one peninsula city will be cracking down on drivers who don't obey crosswalk rules. police in burlingame have a special enforcement detail. they will be looking for drivers that fail to yield to pedestrians. they will be at several locations in the city. police department says drivers failing to give pedestrians crosswalk the right of way is a common complaint.
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>> eric: the question this morning to air-condition or not to air-condition. >> katie: mike nicco has the answers. >> it depends how you feel about spending money. it's going to be a little dangerous in the east bay valleys. we'll another day in the 90s. if you want relief, head to the coast will but you'll see extra sunshine but temperatures will be in the 60s. extra clouds, not dropping any rain or drizzle. no flight arrival delays in oakland or san jose right now. hanging out in the 50s and 60s in most neighborhoods by noon, quick warming with sunshine, mid 80s. comfortable mid 70s around the bay. cool at the coast. near 60 for you. widespread 80s by 4:00 and low 50s at the coast with increasing sunshine this afternoon. clouds will start to roll back to the coast. 59 at 7:00.
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and 80 in the inland neighborhoods. tree and ragweed are now moderate. grass and mold are still pretty high. as far as what is going to happen the next three days, it's going to be hot tomorrow but check out the cooling trend for any and cooler saturday. temperatures will drop 14 degrees inland by saturday. 12 around the bay and 4-6 at the coast. good morning, it's wednesday and traffic is flowing smoothly if you are driving 80 westbound past the golden gate fields and berkeley into the macarthur maze you'll find yourself with some company. toll plaza, very minor delay, the fog is rolling in across the bay and no problems on the upper deck into san francisco, couple problem spots, eastbound 37 an accident blocking the left lane on the drive from marin toward vallejo. we have first reports of an
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accident westbound 4 at summersville. it's jammed out of hillcrest into concord. still looking pretty good at this hour. >> katie: coming up on 6:10. >> eric: still ahead, ten-day tour by hillary clinton underway and diplomatic mission behind the trip. >> and bus trip that mitt romney is planning that could be the backdrop on who his running mate will be. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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>> katie: good morning, welcome back. thank you so much for watching. coming up on 6:14. you are looking live in san francisco, shaping up to be a gorgeous day. mike nicco will have the details on your forecast. the bridge, psychiatrist with the clouds, time to wake up. >> eric: keep going, we have another 45 minutes. >> katie: i could, it's so beautiful but we'll move along. >> eric: secretary of state hillary clinton is in senegal for the first day of ten-day tour of africa. she landed last night where a delegation met her. today she is scheduled to meet with the new president there. visits to half other nations will follow. political scientists is making the visits it to counter china. mitt romney is planning a
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bus tour ahead of the national convention fueling speculation he will announce his running mate during that trip. he will pick up his campaign in colorado tomorrow after spending the past week in london and poland. his bus tour will begin on august 10th and roll through virginia, florida and possibly ohio. >> eric: how do you feel about numbers, 88, 93 and stuff like that. >> pretty solid if you want to get a little sun. >> they would be good if they were my kids' grades. >> you are spending some money for temperatures or finding a pool. go to the neighbor's house, be creative, hang out at the mall or hang out the frozen food. >> i had a tough childhood.
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i'm kidding. >> 6:16 and clouds cascading over some of the lower hills along the coast. looks like it's going to be a quick retreat of those clouds. they haven't even made it to sfo no flight arrival delays nor oakland or san jose. live doppler, how dry it is. those clouds not posing any threat of any rain. haven't heard of any drizzle around most of our neighborhoods. that is good news for the morning. let's take a look what is going to happen temperature rise, most of us are in the 50s. couple of 60s around antioch and. >> this is what is going to happen. we're going to have sunshine everywhere with mild highs at the coast. hot high highs inland. clouds will return to the coast and mainly the bay and temperatures will be a little bit cooler than this morning. still in the 50s the in most neighborhoods. hot inland tomorrow but this is the last day of hot temperatures
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inland as significantly cooler weather is coming this weekend. compared to average, warmer inland, livermore 6 degrees warmer. san jose will top out at 84. one degree warmer than average. oakland will be right where it's supposed to be. san francisco, one degree behind at 57. redwood city 4 degrees cooler than average. we'll hit the low 90s around dublin and 91 at walnut crook and 92 at concord up to 95 in antioch and 97 in britainwood. 70s for most of the east bay shore. low to upper 80s in the south bay. los gatos about 89. good morning in palo alto, you are 80 while the rest of the peninsula is upper 70s. low to mid-50s around the coast. downtown south san francisco, upper 60s to low 70s sausalito. 64 at monterey.
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low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay and mid 80s for hollister and gilroy. 58 degrees at the coliseum warming up to 73 there. first pitch at at&t park, 63 dropping down to 57. see the temperature spike tomorrow and drop nearly 14 degrees from inland neighborhoods. >> good morning. happy wednesday. we have got a live shot of walnut creek, traveling from pleasant hill, concord on towards the 24 junction, traffic is flowing smoothly all the way towards 580. we've got a live look at san rafael southbound past freitas parkway, no problems out of novato. update eastbound 237 the accident around mare island has
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been cleared. we do have an accident at summersville on right shoulder, traffic is jammed toward hillcrest. your drive toward concord less than ten minutes. that is good news. we've got otherwise altamont pass very slow if you are heading up to livermore. once you get to pleasanton, speeds start to pick up. first reports of a bart delay. this is from daly city to the eastbound direction, 10-15 minute delay due to equipment problems. >> eric: as the country now leading all the rest in the gold medal count. >> and giants outfielder the debut s
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>> eric: good morning, if you happen to be on outside, it would look remarkably like this. if you can't go outside in san francisco, we will provide you with high definition pictures from rooftop camera. you see some of the clouds there. you can decide whether they are wispy or not they are blowing from west to east. yes, that is what i said, west to east. this morning, new orleans police have an arrest warrant for an actor following an incident at bourbon street bar.
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he shoved a patron aside because he was angry. actor shoved her when he asked her to calm down and again later when she asked him to leave because police had been called. "good morning america" will have more coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> ton the first place giants will welcome newly acquired hunter pence to the line-up. he got to the park last night shortly after they beat the new york mets. he signed autographs and went down to the locker room to meet his new teammates. he said hello to tim lincecum as he was giving a postgame interview. you she it there. giants moved a game ahead of dodgers who lost again last night. >> at the summer games, china continues to lead the u.s. china has 13 gold medals compared to the u.s. has 9.
6:24 am
both countries have 23 overall. france is in third place. north korea has three gold medals. you can switch as soon as the olympic coverage for for a special midnight edition. seven minute recount of news, weather. right then. >> still ahead at 6:30, bart police are calling it a growing problem, thieves stealing cellphones from passengers right out of their hands. stations targeted and teenage suspects responsible. >> it's a pepper spray incident that did spark outrage across the country. change in employment for a u.c. davis police officer that was involved in the incident. >> it will be warm will around the bay. today we'll be in 70s and inland
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80 to near 90 degrees. check what is going on around the country, 105 in dallas and phoenix. 80s along the eastern seaboard. mid to upper 70s in seattle and portland. check out all the green on the map. east coast all the way to midwest. high plains and out on the west coast, all major airports running on time. go to flight tracker
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>> katie: good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday, august 1st, welcome to august, you are looking live at roof cam, shaping up to be a gorgeous day. i'm katie marzullo. >> eric: i'm still trying to figure out what happened to july. it seemed to fly by. let's find out on the first day of august what do we have weather-wise. >> good morning, live doppler 7 hd is dry this morning. late living clouds are not going to late arriving clouds are not going to pose any problems. we'll top out in the mid to
6:30 am
upper 50s, even a few mid-60s by sunset. temperatures will get back down into the 50s. few clouds around the bay area. mid to upper 50s right now. we'll warm to the low 70s to upper 70s by 4:00 and then clouds return around 7:00. we'll have 67 to 73 degrees if you are heading out. inland, very nice right now. sunshine and temperatures around 50 to 51. 89 to 86 coolest temperatures will be 83 and warmest temperatures will be mid-90s. >> good morning, always a tough commute out of antioch really again this morning because of an accident on the shoulder. still jammed as you head towards hillcrest. it picks up as you go into the concord area. sig alert highway 9 at shylo court. they do not have a detour set up
6:31 am
at this time. bart delay, 10-15 minutes, daly city due to equipment problems. if you are traveling toward the toll plaza, you can see metering lights are on. we do have a stalled bus in the left lane and traffic is backed up back to the west grand overcrossing. >> police are investigating a double shooting that left one man dead and another fighting for his life. terry mcsweeney joins us live from san francisco general. >> reporter: where that person is fighting for his life. san francisco police looking for at least two suspects as a result of the shooting. a shooting that took place about one mile from monday's shooting in broad daylight that killed two people. take a look at the scene last night about 10:00, 3,000 block, two people standing in front of a building when two men in their 20s opened fire. they had to do a waiting vehicle
6:32 am
one victim died at the scene and another taken to san francisco general with life-threatening injuries. two people shot and killed at visitacion valley on burr avenue both victims known gang members, gangs blamed for the uptick in the shootings. there have been uptick in violence and there is some concern among san francisco police that one gang incident has led to another. they do not know about the recent one the investigation is under way as they look for two suspects that did the shooting on san bruno avenue. >> katie: this morning, funeral services will be held for san jose couple that it was murdered in their home last week. a fund-raiser was held for three children. police are still looking for the
6:33 am
suspect, they think he killed the couple because they broke up recently. i don't want to be in their position right now. i feel sorry for all the things. >> katie: they have reason to believe the suspect medina is armed and dangerous and on his way to mexico. >> eric: volunteers will hold another search in the morning an hill for sierra lamar. torres the man accused of killing her will not enter a plea in the case until august 29. he recently got a new attorney. about a dozen friends of the family showed up to the courthouse for a hearing yesterday. many of them have been involved in the search for the 15-year-old. lamar disappeared march 16th on the way to a school bus stop. her body has not been found.
6:34 am
>> katie: u.c. davis police officer who sparked outrage when he pepper-sprayed student protestors is no longer on the police force. john pike has been on paid leave ever since the confrontation with protestors last november. his departure comes while an investigation continues. the university will only say he no longer works at the school. >> bart police are asking victims to come forward following a string of cellphone thefts. a 14-year-old and 17-year-old walked down the aisles looking for anyone using a electronic device. when the train stopped they snatched a phone and ran off. but the victims and two witnesses gave chase. police say that is when the suspects used pepper spray to escape. >> it appears they would pepper spray people in order to intimidate them or to help them get away faster. >> you should -- you shouldn't have it exposed because even the
6:35 am
ipad people walk around with. >> police believe there are more victims. >> katie: a pilot program begins today in san francisco that pays panhandlers to rescue dogs from the shelter. it's called wolf, the mayor's homelessness chief came up with the plan for people that live in city supported how go they give up pan handing and they become foster parents for the puppies. >> a janitors strike is on on homeland this morning. hundreds threatened to walk off the job when their contracted expired but union representatives are holding off on the strike. they have been holding rallies for the protest the lack of a new contract. main sticking point is health
6:36 am
care premiums. they clean more than 400 buildings in san francisco. >> time for a check of the weather. >> eric: that would be mike nicco territory. good morning. good thing about this hot air it's been fairly clean. we haven't had a spare-the-air day even with temperatures hanging in the 90s. live doppler 7-hd showing the clouds rolling through the bay not dropping any rain. temperatures mainly in the 50s to about 61 in antioch. we could see a few 40s in remote areas in the next hour or so. clouds will be back to the coast easily by noon. mid to upper 50s there. mid-70s around bay. a little warmer inlanded a. by 4:00, we've reached our highs for the day but still kind of toasty inland with low to mid 90s there. we'll have low to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-60s around the coast into san francisco. as we head towards 7:00, clouds
6:37 am
will thicken along the coast and start to make the my grialgs to the east. temperatures still in the 60s and 50's around the bay. 70s and 80s inland and mid to upper 50s. 61 in san francisco. tomorrow i think the last day of excessive heat inland. l we will drop four to six degrees on friday and then drop another four to eight degrees around the bay and inland. temperatures will actually be a little bit below average. >> good morning. we have a live shot of 80 berkeley. 80 westbound into the toll plaza you are in company but it is moving. no major stalls or accidents. you will find traffic beyond the west grand overcrossing. we had an earlier stall in the left lane. crews got that out into the caltrans parking lot but still a jam as you head to the metering lights and to the incline section.
6:38 am
here is westbound, san mateo commute headed to the high-rise but no major accidents or stalls. brake lights as you head toward foster city. highway 4, accident on right shoulder still a grind from antioch toward hillcrest. once you get there, thereafter does improve. still under ten minutes westbound highway 4. highway 9 with a sig alert. this is in the boulder creek area, shiloh court, and crews are trying to get it cleared up. delays on bart, 10-15 minutes. daly city toward the east bay due to equipment problems. >> eric: starbucks is kicking off a promotion to get you inside its doors. and trading is under way on wall street. first up, a live look at the big board, dow is up 57 points.
6:39 am
>> chick-fil-a is getting a show of support nationwide following same-sex marriage controversy. we're live at the bay area's only chick-fil-a location. >> and scare in the skies. an emergency landing in boston. we'll have details.
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coming up on 6:44, good morning to you. a lot of sunshine developing by the afternoon hours, low to upper 60s from half moon bay to san francisco and up the coast. mid 70s to around 80 for the bayshore and mid 90s inland. let's take a look around the state. you can see the showers caused flooding in southern california have dissipated. those will refire and palm springs, around 99. 82 in l.a. where the storms will stay to your east. it will be hot and drier in the central valley. well over hundred even into fresno. 99 in yosemite and 84 in tahoe. >> katie: we want to thank some of the people who are helping raise thousands of dollars for foster children just bike liking
6:44 am
"abc 7 news" on facebook. our thanks to jerry of los altos is a man think and kyle of santa rosa. just like abc7 news on facebook and one dollar will be donated to the abc7 sleep train dream campaign. >> eric: let's take a look what is trending on twitter in san francisco. badminton which is one of sports taking place at the olympics, gore vidal who passed away yesterday. then snoop lion an upgraded rapper name as snoop dogg says he is changing his name so snoop lion. >> katie: the end of an era. let's take a look what is coming up on "good morning america." >> good wednesday morning. coming up here, the ultimate,
6:45 am
michael phelps taking gold in the 200 relay and setting the most most medals and american women take gold in team gymnastics with stunning performances you will not soon forget. we are live from london with everything you need, all morning long. it's next right here on "good morning america". >> eric: that comes up in about 14 minutes. right now in the last 15 minutes chick-fil-a opened its doors in fairfield where supporters of the fast food company could show up in large numbers today. amy hollyfield is live. all in response to the ongoing controversy involving same-sex marriage. >> reporter: good morning, there is not a crowd in fairfield. there were three customers before it opened. specifically here to make a statement today to show their support for chick-fil-a.
6:46 am
that is all we've severe. restaurant did open at 6:30 but the manager told me he brought in extra employees. she expecting a crowd. these supporters for chick-fil-a want to support them. gay rights activists was upset that the company's president support of biblical definition of family. they have called on people to boycott the fast food chain. in response, some people are calling it support chick-fil-a day. >> i think we should be tolerant of all people, whether you have conservative opinions are liberal or more conservative. i think it's really intolerant for us to be critical of someone just because of their opinions about particular marriage or whatever it is. >> i think all people support their view because after all where are the children going to come from of these homosexual
6:47 am
marriages anyway? >> fairfield is closest to san francisco bay area but it is getting closer. restaurants are expected to be opening in san jose and walnut creek in the next few weeks. there is a counter movement being planned for this friday. people are calling for same-sex couples to show up at chick-fil-as so it will be a controversial week. it looks like the issue isn't going away anytime soon. >> katie: starting today all health insurance policies must cover birth control and other present vebtd i have services with no co-pay or deductible. it's part of the healthcare reform act. provision has angered conservatives who argue it goes against religious freedom. new provision goes into effect today, insurance companies won't have to start following it until your plan is up for renewal. >> the captain of a united airlines jet made an emergency
6:48 am
landing in boston after a flight attendant found a lot of camera. the boeing 767 with 167 people was on its way to switzerland. when it was diverted la last night to boston. a flight attendant found the camera and couldn't locate the owner. the pilot decided not to take chance chances to the plane was escorted by fighter jets. it was searched thoroughly and nothing was found. the aarp and linked is giving advice about social networking. jane king joins us with that and more. >> big u.s. automakers rolling out latest sales numbers. chrysler says it's sales were up 13%. keep in mind, chrysler is
6:49 am
running a national promotion in july letting buyers defer payments. ford saw 4% drop in sales. we'll get the latest reading on manufacturing. we hear from the fed later on this afternoon. lots to keep track of today. we are positive so far, dow is up about 50 points and bloomberg is also trading in the green. aarp launching a new social network for older americans looking for work. its joint project with mountain based company. many older americans perceive their age working against them when it comes to seeking job. the new platform gives them advice and connects them to current job openings. and starbucks looking to draw traffic during a slow afternoon.
6:50 am
coffee chain has a promotion running through august. you come back after 2:00 p.m. and you can get a cold drink for $2. they are hoping that the refresher beverage will pick up sales. >> katie: thanks so much. we do have breaking news out of martinez. this is a live picture from sky7hd. firefighters are knocking down what is left of a house fire on kendall court. it was first reported just after 6:00 this morning. one firefighter got to the scene they said there was heavy smoke and flames coming from both sides of the house. two women were in the home but good news, they managed to get out safely. there is no indication of a possible cause of the fire at this hour, but you are looking live from sky7hd above a house fire. heavy white smoke coming out of that structure at this point,
6:51 am
reportedly a two-story home, two women were able to get out safely. we'll keep an eye on this give you any updates. >> eric: they are trying to keep flames away from the foliage because it will be hot day. >> probably the low 80s. it will be hotter but being closer to the water it's a little breezy. that will be their main concern going forward. cascading clouds as we look at the east bay hills. isn't that a beautiful picture? how i would love to stay on that but we have to go to the forecast first. we have more clouds along the coast. haven't heard any reports of drizzle. let's move on and take about the temperatures. 60 in antioch. 49 in santa rosa. those are our extremes, upper 50s, heading down to the monterey bay and inland, low to mid-50s.
6:52 am
sunny this afternoon even mild temperatures there, hot highs inland. around the bay, clouds tonight and cooler than this morning by a few degrees. hot inland tomorrow and cooler temperatures are on the way for the weekend. compared to yesterday, warm in fremont, 80. san francisco, l it will be 67. oakland is one degree cooler. santa rosa is 87 is five degrees cooler. looking at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow the heat will peak and then we drop about 4-6 degrees on friday. a couple more degrees especially around the bay and inland. 4-8 degrees saturday. temperatures a little below average over the weekend. 12:35, 65 degrees and warm up to 74 chilly conditions at at&t park. 7:15 first pitch there. >> back to the antioch area, westbound 4, summersville,
6:53 am
accident out of the lanes but very slow traffic that is typical. nine miles an hour it picks up after hillcrest. 880 northbound, westbound bay bridge, we have a stalled bus in the fast lane, i should say in the commute lane and take a live look, bart still 10-15-minute delay in the daly city eastbound direction, live shot at the macarthur maze and it's jammed the bay bridge toll plaza. >> katie: here are five things to know before you go. number one, this morning, san francisco police are searching for two suspects after a double shooting left one person dead and another one with life-threatening injuries. investigators say the two victims were standing in front of a building on san bruno avenue when two men shot at them last night. >> eric: today is the unofficial
6:54 am
chick-fil-a appreciation day. supporters are supposed to show up at one of restaurants to counter a boycott called by supporters of same-sex marriage. the company's president put them in the middle of controversy after making public remarks against same-sex marriage. >> volunteers will hold another search in morgan hill for missing sierra lamar. torres the man accused of killing her will not enter a plea until august 29. he was recently appointed a new attorney. >> a pilot program begins in san francisco today that pays panhandlers to rescue dogs from the city's animal shelter. they came up with plan to have people that live in support housing to give up panhandling. in exchange they would get $75 a week to be foster parents for the dogs. tonight, the first place giants will welcome hunter pence to the
6:55 am
starting line-up. he arrived at at&t park last night shortly after the giants beat the new york mets. pence was traded to the giants and two miner leaguers. >> all right. mr. thomas, thank you very much. as eric mentioned coming up on 7:00 hour, still haven't heard of any flight arrival delays even with the late aarriving clouds. mostly sunny at the coast. it will be warm to hot inland with sunshine this afternoon, 84 on the cool end, 97 on the hot end. let's check traffic with sue. >> yes, we've got an update for you recap. we've got slow traffic 880, westbound bay bridge, northbound in the maze section with the stalled bus in the hov lane.
6:56 am
first reports of an accident, 101 south on the peninsula at whipple no major slowdowns there yet. it is blocking a lane of traffic. once again, bart delay 10-15 minutes from the daly city to eastbound direction due to equipment problems. that should be hopefully cleared up soon. away toochbt leave you with one last look at breaking news we just brought you. house fire in martinez, a two-story home, flames and smoke when crews arrived on the scene. two women were inside but they were able to get out safely. we understand the fire is almost
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good morning, america. he is the ultimate olympian. michael phelps takes an 19th overall medal. and breaks the record for most individual medals ever won. and he still has three races to go. and incredible moments, as the american women grab gold with team gymnastics. a stunning and emotional performance. >> unbelievable. that should be a 10 right there. >> developing overnight, a brand-new scare in the air. how a summer vacationer's camera caused an emergency landing for a united airlines jumbo jet and fighter jets to scramble. what made officials so fearful? and panic at the beach. >> a shark attack. he's bleeding. he's wounded. his


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